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Grassroots Sport Diplomacy Welcome to the first website dedicated to Grassroots Sport Diplomacy!

Grassroots Sport Diplomacy

The relationship between diplomacy and sport may, at first glance, seem obvious and even familiar – but Grassroots Sport Diplomacy is a unique concept being explored by ISCA and our partners from the grassroots sport and physical activity sector.

Diplomatic actions may be evident at the elite sport level, with nations marching together at Olympic Games and “ping pong diplomacy” grabbing headlines worldwide. But what about the diplomatic gestures, people-to-people dialogue, partnerships and cross-border exchanges that happen in mass participation sport at the grassroots every week, away from the media spotlight?

Grassroots sport encompasses millions of people regardless of their gender, age, physical ability and ethnic background. And this aspect of sport is often overlooked. There are of course still barriers to participation in all countries – and this is where the exchange of ideas and good practices among grassroots sport organisations across local, national and international borders can be powerful. The soft power of these exchanges opens more doors for people to participate and ultimately lead to more inclusion in sport and physical activity, while promoting international diplomatic relations and wider policy objectives. Discover more.

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1. In Practice

Find out more about the Grassroots Sport Diplomacy project and how this new concept works in practice. Learn from our international pilot initiatives, from people who already are working in Grassroots Sport Diplomacy roles and specialists in diplomacy from around the world. Discover the potential of this work, as well as the challenges you may face out in the field and how to address them.

2. Resources

What is Grassroots Sport Diplomacy? How does it differ from other types of diplomacy? Download our latest reports to learn more from the pioneers of this concept as we present an extensive mapping of existing initiatives, theory and perspectives on the concept from international experts working in diplomacy. We will continue to add tools for you to use in your work as we develop and unearth them.

3. Online Course

If you want to know how you can start working in this area, we invite you to dive into the concept in more depth on Grassroots Sport Diplomacy online course. It is a free resource for individuals, NGOs, organisations delivering community sport and physical activity initiatives – and anyone who is interested in learning more about Grassroots Sport Diplomacy.