Grassroots Sport Diplomacy pilot actions in focus: Spain and Brazil


Multi-sector networks for the exchange of successful practices and/or advocacy

What can we learn from concrete examples in the field of Grassroots Sport Diplomacy? During the Grassroots Sport Diplomacy project, seven organisations in Europe and Latin America carried out pilot actions that tested and followed the criteria outlined in the concept document developed in the first phase of the project, Grassroots Sport Diplomacy: Overview, Mapping and Definition.

The documents below are case study reports of the pilots from Spain and Brazil, which aimed to demonstrate ‘Multi-sector networks for the exchange of successful practices and/or advocacy’.

Network-based activities implemented through multi-sector cooperation focusing on sports-related topics that can lead to the scalability of sport initiatives and foster interest or international mobilisation. Collectively supported and driven civil society actions with a ‘glocal’ outlook that seeks inspiration across continents. Think globally, act locally.

Example From Spain

Example from Brazil